Freedom of Information Request – 12602


Freedom of Information Request – 12602


I would like to make requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act

regarding the Riverside Road Joint Council building.

1. The report on the old Housing Offices site on Clapham Road, Lowestoft as a

possible alternative town centre site for the proposed new WDC/SCC offices as

required by CS10 of the Waveney Core Development Plan.

2. A copy of the impact assessment on the “vitality and viability” of the town centre of

transferring 500 jobs out of the centre to the Riverside Road office development as

required by CS10.


1.This was considered as part of the original Waveney Campus project and

discounted, the property at the time of considering the Strategic Business

Case was under offer and not available. The Council does not have a report on

this matter.

2. These aspects were considered as part of the original Waveney Campus

project, the context of the project has changed considerably. The Council does

not have a report on this matter.

Hours of officer time to produce response:

10 mins

This concludes your FOI request 12602.

If you require translation of the information you have been sent, please contact us.

If you are unhappy with the information we have provided in response to your

request, please email or write to

Sara Barratt

Freedom of Information Team

Waveney District Council

Town Hall


NR32 1HH

Details of our complaints procedure are available within the publication scheme on

our website:

More information about how we deal with Freedom of Information, Environmental

Information and Data Protection requests can be found on our website: data is available on the Council’s website:

Copyright and re-use of information

Information for which we hold the copyright may be released under access to

information legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental

Information Regulations but this does not automatically mean you have permission to

reproduce it.

Information released can be used for private purposes but must not be used for

commercial purposes unless you have advised us you wish to re-use it and you have

our permission to do so.

We must ensure the conditions for the re-use are clear and in keeping with the our

copyright so a license may be issued detailing such conditions. Please contact us by

emailing or writing to us at the above address for

permission if you are intending to re-use this information


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