5 Reasons Why You Should Support Jeremy Corbyn

He is one of the most electorally successful MPs of recent times. He defeated the incumbent Tory MP in Islington North in 1983 and has won every election since then. In 2015 he won over 65% of the votes and had a majority of over 21,000.

He is a man of principle. He was arrested while demonstrating against apartheid and came close to arrest when he refused to pay the Poll Tax. He helped to get many wrongful convictions overturned, including those of the Guildford Four, when many, including Labour MPs, remained silent. He was right.

He has consistently opposed war and nuclear weapons. Teresa May, while pretending to be sane, boasts that she would be happy to be the first to press the nuclear button. That is if Trump would allow, or perhaps order it. Jeremy Corbyn will scrap nuclear weapons if he can.

He voted against the Blair/Brown governments more than any other Labour MP. He voted against the beginnings of privatisation of the NHS, their encouragement of banking banditry and in particular Blair leading the country into the disastrous Iraq war. He was right.

He won the leadership of the Labour Party twice, addressing huge enthusiastic crowds all over the country. This is a phenomena not seen for decades. He was responsible for hundreds of thousands joining or rejoining the Labour Party, now the largest political party in Europe.

Jeremy Corbyn has the newspaper owners and the BBC against him and a raft of old Labour MPs would rather see the Tories win than support him.

But he has proved that he has determination and integrity and he knows what has to be done.  He will tax the rich to rescue the NHS and our public services. He will end zero hours and other insecure and exploitative forms of employment. He will take back the railways into public ownership. He will build public housing and invest in infrastructure. He will turn back the tide of inequality.


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