Labour Rebels: What Do They Think They Are Doing?

Angela and OwenRebel Labour MPs, who opposed Jeremy Corbyn from the start, have failed or refuse to see that the political landscape has changed. The wholesale shift of income and wealth to the already wealthy became clear after the crash of 2007/8. The policies of ‘austerfty’, of privatisation, of benefit and public service cuts, of wage freezes, of work casualisation have made clear who is paying the price. Politics around the world have changed dramatically. The old “centre ground” argument has evaporated because the “centre ground” has given way.

Their desperation to get rid of the elected leader sets them against Labour Party members and threatens to wreck their Party. Challenger Angela Eagle supports Trident, she supported the Iraq war, opposed the inquiry into it and supported rising tuition fees. She is acting against the wishes of her own constituency party. They support Corbyn.

Owen Smith, so far the only other challenger, has a far worse GI. He worked for US drug giant Pfizer as “Head of Government Relations”, that is he was a £80,000pa lobbyist promoting NHS privatisation. The US government later blocked Pfizer’s attempted merger with Irish drug company Allergan seeing it as a manoeuvre to avoid US taxes.

He is on record as supporting military intervention and was special advisor to Labour NI minister who supported the Iraq war. He has spoken in support of academies, welcomed PFI (where private companies build hospitals and schools and leave the public with massive long term debt), and in support of cuts.

While new PM Theresa May claims “to govern for all the people” neither challenger has anything to offer. Eagle wants to take the Labour Party backwards while Smith is a careerist and a chancer. Now presenting himself as “radical and credible” he is unlikely to fool anyone. So why are they standing?

Waveney Constituency Labour Party has voted to support Jeremy Corbyn and condemned those attacking him. Lowestol’t Coalition Against the Cuts applauds local Labour Party members for their stand.

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