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Resolution passed at the Lowestoft Coalition Against The Cuts launch rally on 2 March 2011

  • End tax dodging estimated to cost the UK £150 billion per year
  • Tax the rich
  • Stop the disastrous foreign wars, expenditure on weapons of mass destruction and invest in green jobs
  • Stop the bankers paying themselves obscene bonuses
  • Levy a Robin Hood tax on bank takeovers

What You Can Do…

  • Support Lowestoft Coalition Against The Cuts by joining our leafleting every Saturday, 11-1pm, in the town centre precinct, outside the Britten Centre.
  • Join our email list – keep up to date with activity in your area.
  • Photocopy this leaflet and pass onto friends and workmates.
  • Want to know more? We can supply a speaker for your group or trade union branch.

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01502 568684 / 569174 / 574010

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