Alan Milburn Discovers Poverty…

alan-milburnAlan Milburn, ex Labour Health Minister and now the Tory’s Mobility Tsar, has discovered that we are getting poorer. That is us, not him. Working people cannot exist on what they earn. 2.3 million children live in poverty. 5.6m adults of working age live in poverty. Most of the poor are in work.

His main proposal, and the one being touted by commentators, is to means test pensioners’ alloances. Or, to put it another way, blame the old. Set up young people to blame old people. Yet the plain and obvious fact is that wealth is being continually redistributed to the already wealthy. We are getting poorer because they are getting richer.

And We Discover Alan Milburn…

Milburn was the minister who opened up the NHS to private companies and pushed the PFI hospital rip-offs. Resigning from parliament when the expenses scandal was being probed he has prospered by advising the giant healthcare companies on how to exploit the cannibalising of the NHS. His jobs include advisor to Lloyds Pharmacy and advisor to Pepsico. He is on the board of private equity company Bridgepoint Capital owner of CareUK. Suffolk County Council’s Tories disgracefully sold the county’s care homes, and their vulnerable residents, to this appalling firm. CareUK is responsible for much of the 111 service disaster, not to mention the Broadland home care failures.

Now PriceWaterhouse Coopers, the world’s largest accountancy and consultancy firm, “has recruited” social mobility Tsar, Milburn to lead its healthcare arm. His aim: “to drive change across the health sector and PwC’s growing presence in the health market.” You bet. We are getting poorer because they are getting richer.

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