Britain Needs A Pay Rise

Pay RiseCoaches from Yarmouth, Norwich, Ipswich and Lowestoft brought demonstrators from the region to join the TUC’s Britain Needs a Pay Rise march in London on Saturday the18th October after a week of industrial action by public sector workers. The Lowestoft contingent joined UNITE trade unionists near the head of the lively and noisy march and arrived in Hyde Park as part of a 90.000 strong crowd. Teachers, civil servants, nurses, communication workers, fire fighters and tube workers were joined by pensioners, anti-war campaigners and, of course, Waveney TUC and Lowestoft Coalition against the Cuts.
Underlying the protest was the deepest cut to workers’ wages ever endured and the intention by all the political parties to continue with those cuts. Many speakers pleaded with the Labour Party. “Stop being scared of your own shadow,” said Unite’s Len McCluskey. The real anger came from FBU leader Matt Wrack whose members are deeply involved in real struggle against cuts to their pensions and conditions, and PCS Secretary Mark Serwatka who called for unions to unite in action. “If we don’t strike together” he said “ we’ll be back here in this park in a year’s time.”
The TUC says that Britain Needs a Pay Rise, but what will the TUC do when Britain doesn’t get a pay rise?

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