Brooke Peninsula Housing Scheme Collapses

Artists impression from Cardy Construction planning application

Artists impression from Cardy Construction
planning application

Following the collapse of Waveney District Council’s deal to buythe old Sanyo site on the south bank of Lake Lothing an even bigger scheme is in ruins. The universally unpopular mass housing development of the Brooke Peninsular/Jeld Wen site has fallen. The developer, Cardy Construction, already involved in controversy and failure in Ramsgate, has gone into administration. The fears and objections expressed by many Lowestolt residents two years ago when the council pushed through planning permission for 850 dwellings were well founded.

The Brooke Peninsular/Jeld Wen site includes playing fields, a nature reserve, docks, industrial buildings and existing waterfront businesses. It is prone to flooding it is contaminated and has poor access to an already congested road system. Yet Waveney District Council pursued its ”houses at any cost” policy. Everything had to go.

Bamboozled Councillors

Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley

Cardy Construction presented the councillors with an artist’s impression of bobbing boats in an imaginary marina, carfree treelined roads, shops, cafes and bars and the legendary and just as imaginary pedestrian/cycle bridge Philip R fll ey across Lake LothIng. Even the ‘ finances should have raised suspicions. There could to be no ”affordable housing” because, the planners said, the developer could not afford it. Houses on dry parts of the site had to be built and sold to pay for the development of the next stage, the homes on stilts. Crucially the record of Cardy’s history in the stalled Ramsgate seafront development was not mentioned.

The Tory council led by Colin Law and Suffolk Coastal’s Head of Planning Phillip Ridley (pictured), who bamboozled the councillors, have to be held to account. Did Ridley do due diligence on Corby Construction? If not he should be sacked. The Council now has the opportunity to rethink plans forthe site. Peter Colby, who was disgracefully treated over the sale of the Sanyo site, should be allowed to formulate plans to use part of the site for industrial development if he is still willing to do so. Or will the council try to hand on this same unwelcome and unviable planning permission to another speculative developer?

Cardy In Ramsgate

Cardy Construction, contractors for the Pleasurama seafront site since 2009, were appointed as developers in 2014 when the local council cancelled the agreement with closely linked company SFP Ventures. After 13 years it remains a derelict eyesore – see photo below.


One thought on “Brooke Peninsula Housing Scheme Collapses

  1. Waveney District council and Colin Law have a penchant for doing dodgy deals with unscrupulous businesses. Tingdene-the North Denes land grabbers, are involved in court cases across the country for their behaviour towards people on their caravan sites and flouting planning laws. Ridley and Law should be held to account but do the Labour councillors have the bottle to take them on? Doubtful

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