Election News 1

The Daily Mirror has published a list of 29 nasty Tory policies you shouldn’t forget when voting: www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/should-not-vote-conservative-29-10303180 And there will be lots more nasty Tory policies if they win.

  • In an appalling Newsnight interview after the Copeland by-election Kirsty Wark boiled with rage when Labour’s Emily Thornberry wouldn’t agree that everything was Jeremy Corbyn’s fault. Thornberry ended by saying that she had hoped to discuss Labour’s policies. Some hope, eh, BBC?
  • Last week saw a different Wark playing up to Lord Peter Mandelson as if he was her favourite uncle. Mandelson, the “brains” behind Tony Blair, boasts that he is working everyday to bring down the elected leader Jeremy Corbyn. Wark was far too respectful to bring that up and allowed Mandelson to run the show.
  • Theresa May is not only avoiding a television debate with the other party leaders she is avoiding debates with anyone. Her sorties around the UK have seen her meet Tory party workers and a few selected reporters. She apparently isn’t very good at answering questions.
  • The Tories want the election to be about Brexit but that isn’t going too well either. With the threat of leaving gone May’s hand is weak and everyone except May seems to know it. An election victory would make no difference.
  • How long can Theresa May and Tory ministers keep on saying “strong and stable government” before derision turns to irritation and voters stop listening to the Tories at all?


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