Election News 2

While Teresa May is riding high in the polls and being nice on the One Show, the nasty cuts are proceeding. The Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Norfolk and Waveney sees £150m taken from the NHS and Social Care budget over four years. All parts of the NHS and social care are in underfunding and staff shortage crises. To attempt “reform” in this situation is like trying to do a full service on your car while driving down the motorway. The NHS and social care need cash now.

Thanks to dodgy phone hacker and union buster Rupert Murdoch (via his newspaper The Sunday Times) we know by how much the rich are getting richer. The richest 1,000 got 14% richer. There are now 14 more British billionaires than last year. Hurrah. Nurses 1% (they don’t have any “riches” so we have to look at their pay), richest 14%. So they probably won’t mind paying a lot more tax.

It’s probably a good idea not to bother too much about Brexit, at least for a while, and check on what Teresa May is doing now. And she will be doing a lot more if she is re-elected.

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