Great Support For NHS Strikers

There was solid support for NHS strike action on Monday 24 November. Waveney TUC and Lowestoft Coalition Against the Cuts joined health unions when all sections of NHS staff took action and some 75 pickets lined up outside the James Paget Hospital. After years of frozen pay the government has refused to pay the 1% rise recommended by the independent review body.

While workers who do this demanding and worthwhile work are treated with contempt it was announced that the new boss of British Gas would be paid £25m this year. That is £25m of your money.

We could see no sign of any of the candidates who will be seeking your vote in next May’s elections but there was notable support from passing motorists. It seemed that every second driver peeped their horn in response to the waving banners, the whistles and the waves of the strikers. The public support is there but union leaders must continue to work together and seriously escalate strike action if they intend to win.

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