In Or Out: One Thing Remains The Same

Lowestoft Coalition Against the Cuts members divided over the EU referendum for a host of reasons. But now the decision is made one thing remains the same —the Tory government is committed to policies which enrich the rich and increase insecurity for the rest of us. The coalition used the financial crash of 2007/8 as cover to privatise, to freeze wages and to cut benefits. The government will use the present turmoil in the same way.

Chancellor George Osborne could have announced a programme of public works, he could have introduced a real living wage to stimulate spending he could invest in publicly owned housing. He could invest in the NHS and in education. He could halt the stripping of local government’s funds so that local initiatives could thrive and not die.

Instead he announced that Corporation Tax will be cut from 20% to “under 15%”. Come to Britain and profit from a weakened workforce and cuts to public services, is Osborne’s message. That hasn’t changed.

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