Lessons From Suffolk

Elfrede Mary Brambley Crawshaw, Green Party Councillor

The Suffolk County Council elections saw a UKIP wipe out, a Green win in Beccles and Labour losing four of their five seats. The only Labour councillor left in Waveney is long serving Keith Patience in the Gunton ward. The majorities were small and an agreement between Labour and the Greens in Beccles and Lowestoft, which we understand was talked about, could well have benefited both parties.

It shows the size of the task facing Labour’s candidate in the General Election, Sonia Barker. Support for Jeremy Corbyn has got to be loud and clear. Policies to rescue the NHS and public services have to be loud and clear. Policies to protect workers’ rights have to be loud and clear. Policies to really tax the rich to pay for it all have to be loud and clear. That will make a win for Sonia Barker possible. The bridge isn’t the issue.

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