More Local Hospitals To Close

The Patrick Stead Hospital, Halesworth

The Patrick Stead Hospital, Halesworth

When Health East, the area’s clinical commissioning group, held its phoney consultation on  the fate of Lowestoft Hospital we also asked  CEO Andy Evans about the fate of the other  Community Hospitals. He replied that if hospital  closure was right for Lowestoft then it would  be right there too. We reported this but,  unsurprisingly, no one else did.
Now it is happening. Health East plans to save  £4.3m by closing the hospitals in Halesworth  and Southwold while Northgate and All Hal-  lows will lose 20 beds. Only 21 beds will be left  in Beccles to service all of Waveney and Great  Yarmouth. Instead out-of-hospital teams will  treat patients in their homes or they will be  sent, we understand, to private care homes. In Lowestoft four private care homes are listed  as failing CQC’s standards yet they are still open.  These closures are intended to save Health  East £4.3m which will help to offset multi-  million pound losses expected at the James  Paget Hospital next year. The NHS is in crisis  and it needs money not cuts.

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