No To Cuts No To Privatisation

  • Patricia Hewitt

    Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) aim to integrate NHS provision (eg NHS hospitals) with social care (funded by County Councils and mainly privatised). This is a massive, complex and costly task imposed on services that are chronically underfunded and understaffed. So why now?

  • Norfolk and Waveney NHS and social care budgets are to be cut by £300m while both are facing greater demand, are losing staff, need more capacity and are being presented with significantly higher drugs bills.why more cuts?
  • COs will include both public (NHS hospitals etc) and private organisations (care home companies etc) and will decide when, where and if you get treatment and who will provide it. They will be multi-million pound businesses and may be run by one of the large health care companies. Companies which run ACOs in the US hope to be awarded contracts to run UK ACOs. Why privatisation ?
  • Patricia Hewitt, chair ofthe Norfolk and Waveney STP, is an ex—Labour Health Secretary who introduced PFI schemes and cut thousands of jobs before involvement in the ”cash for influence” sting led to her downfall. Lucrative spells as ‘special advisor to Alliance Boots and to private equity company Cinvin followed. Cinvin bought Bupa’s UK hospitals for £1.4billion. Is Patricia Hewitt an independent chair?

This country is awash with wealth. Rather than cutting Corporation Tax, as the Tories have done, taxes on the wealthy and putting a stop to tax dodging can fund the NHS and provide decent social care.

It is time to do it!

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