STP Resolution Stop the NHS $windle Meeting


To be put to Stop the NHS $windle Meeting, Mon 4th Dec 2017. URC London Road North

1. This meeting condemns the secrecy and the haste with which such a radical and disruptive reform of health and social care, the STP, was conceived only three years after the radical reform of the NHS, the Health and Social Care Act of 2012.

2. The government has offered no public explanation for the need of such, even more disruptive, reorganisation nor has it explained or apologised for the cuts, mismanagement and suffering brought about under the Health and Social Care Act of 2012.

3. This meeting condemns the failure of the government to bring such radical proposals before parliament for discussion or approval. These changes are therefore illegal. Meetings, forced on those already well down the road of pushing the changes through and where the public has no right to full disclosure or to change the process, are merely window dressing.

4. This meeting condemns the provision for the inclusion of private companies in the governing bodies of Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) or to control an ACO, the bodies which both control the funds and decide on providers of care. This is privatisation.

5. This meeting condemns the the failure of the government to recognise or deal with the chronic under funding and under staffing of both the NHS and the provision of social care. To embark on a costly and hugely disruptive reorganisation at such a time is insane.

This meeting demands that implementation of the STP be halted immediately. This country can afford to properly fund the NHS and it should do so before any reform plans are contemplated.

We support measures to stop the STPs through parliament and through the legal system. We support campaigns to publicise what the STPs mean to the NHS and to oppose them wherever possible.

Lowestoft Coalition against the Cuts

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