The Big Question To Be Answered

no_cutsLowestoft Coalition Against the Cuts has been campaigning against the policies of the Coalition Government since 2011 when LCAC was formed. We are constantly told that cuts to wages and conditions at work, to pensions and benefits, to services as well as the privatisation of public services are necessary because “the money isn’t there”.

Yet the country is richer than it has ever been. Much richer, for example, than after the Second World War when the NHS was created and the railways, along with other utilities, were nationalised. The problem is who has got the money. Money has been flowing into the pockets of the rich for forty years and cuts and austerity ensure that the transfer of wealth to the richest 1% will only speed up.

Overleaf are reports of meetings with Labour Candidate, Bob Blizzard and Green Candidate Graham Elliott. A vote for Bob Blizzard could be important in defeating the incumbent Tory. A vote for Graham Elliot could be a marker to show that Labour isn’t doing enough.

Our question to all the candidates at the Christ Church ‘Question Time’ meeting:

Inequality has reached pre-First World War levels. The richest 1% now own as much wealth as 55% of the whole population. Cuts and austerity are making matters worse.

  • Do candidates agree with the alternatives proposed by Lowestoft Coalition Against the Cuts?
  • Don’t renew Trident
  • End tax dodging
  • Stop bankers bonuses
  • Levy a tax on banks’ turnover and in particular,
  • Substantially increase taxes on the richest in society

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