The Great Benefit Fraud – Blame The Sick And The Poor

The list of cuts and attacks on benefits makes grim reading. The bedroom tax is a disgrace – the bankers and politicians who caused the financial crisis can have as many spare houses as they want, but social housing tenants with a spare room are obviously an unbearable drain on society! Crisis loans have been abolished, leaving people at the mercy of pay day loan sharks and food banks. The Independent Living Fund, which supports about 18,000 severely disabled people, is set to close next year. Disability Living Allowance is being replaced by Personal Independence Payments, with a backlog of medical assessments leaving people waiting months for a decision or payment. Sanctions on the unemployed have multiplied, on the most dubious of pretexts, with DWP staff being penalised if they don’t hit targets for referrals. Yet all these vindictive measures have not created a single new job. The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has caused misery for countless Employment & Support Allowance claimants with massive delays, totally inadequate assessments by Atos and a huge number of appeals, many of which are successful. What does society gain by putting sick and disabled people through this torment? Although the Coalition has pushed this war on welfare faster and further than before, it didn’t start it. The increased use of sanctions by the DWP began under the last Labour government. Labour also introduced the WCA. Somewhere along the line, governments decided that the welfare state was not a safety net but a burden that society could no longer afford. Most of the media are happy to regurgitate the lie.
So being unemployed is regarded as only slightly above being a criminal. The jobless are even forced to do unpaid labour – workfare – for periods longer than the average community service order. And everyone who is sick or disabled is regarded with suspicion, as a potential shirker, or declared fit for work even though many have died shortly after such a prognosis.
We live in one of the richest countries in the world. We have a failing economic system called capitalism which only serves the interests of the 1% while everything else crumbles. Are we really going to blame the most unfortunate and most vulnerable members of society?
Is it really their fault?

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