The NHS In The Real World

The government has become impatient that local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) haven’t cut the NHS quickly enough. New amalgamations of the leaders of Trusts, the CCGs and local authorities (15 bodies in all) have been told to take over and cut, or, as the government puts it, transform £160m out of the budgets of Norfolk and Waveney.

The logic, if there is any, is to get people to become healthier, to replace hospital with ”out of hospital” treatment and more integrated social care, to amalgamate services and close others. But nothing is ruled out.

In reality these plans (the STPs) have been hurriedly cobbled together by a few bureaucrats who will do anything they are told and still try to hoodwink us into thinking that cuts are improvements. Norwch South MP Clive Lewis has aptly called the local plans as being from ’Alice in Wonderland’. It will cause chaos in a service already near the point of collapse. Privatisation, the Tories hidden agenda, continues to advance.

We have said it before. Tax the rich and the corporations, fund the NHS and bring in improvements in a measured way to improve the service.

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