Theresa May Is A Total Fraud

First she said that a general election would be bad for the country, then that it was necessary. First she wanted to remain in the EU, now it’s vote for her to get out. After a lifetime supporting policies which worsened workers pay and conditions she now claims to be the champion of workers rights.

The Tory, and May’s, record include:

  • The Trade Union Bill stipulates minimum turnout and minimum majorities, disarming workers by making action near impossible. If MPs had to meet these criteria the House of Commons would be empty.
  • The hike in Industrial Tribunal Fees. If you can’t take industrial action to defend your rights perhaps an Industrial Tribunal will help. Yes, but only if you have £1,200 to pay for it.
  • Seven years of austerity have seen the national debt double, pay decline, workers’ rights undermined, public services wrecked and the wealthy prosper beyond belief.

It is no wonder that she hides from scrutiny, speaks only at closed events, speaks only to selected journalists and refuses an open TV debate.

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