Town Hall

208285843Waveney District and Suffolk County Councils plan to move most of their staff to Riverside Road and dump the historic Town Hall. Lowestoft Coalition Against the Cuts has lodged four objections based on Waveney’s planning policies.
These say that new office buildings should be built in the town centre. Those wishing to build elsewhere must demonstrate that there would be no adverse impact on the town centre. WDC/SCC have not attempted to determine what impact the loss of 500 jobs would have on shops, cafes and other businesses.
Applicants must demonstrate that there are no suitable sites in the town centre. There is one obvious site, that of the old Housing Offices on Clapham Road. There is also adequate room at the rear of the Town Hall.
The offices are to be built in an Enterprise Zone designed to attract new energy related businesses. WDC Councillors were told that they would save hundreds of thousands of pounds in business rates by building there. They won’t but they will be taking land from those who could.
Lowestoft Town Hall, an historic building and the direct responsibility of WDC, is to be emptied before its fate can be discussed.


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