Who Pays For Brexit

After repeatedly ruling out a General Election Teresa May has now decided that one is both vital and urgent. If she wins it certainly won’t help with Brexit negotiations but what it would do is help her enforce any agreement, good, bad or indifferent. Crucially it would help her to put the costs of Brexit on to us and not on the City or the corporations who have her ear.

The government’s first response to Brexit was to threaten the EU with turning the UK into a tax haven. The UK’s Corporation Tax, already one of the lowest in the developed countries, would be cut to match the lowest. Laws protecting labour would be scrapped. Nissan became the first company to demand, and get, government help as a condition of staying in the UK. The City is constantly lobbying for protection and the Tories would undoubtedly agree.
The General Election is essentially about who pays for Brexit. If the Tories win we will pay. The Tories have already cut public services to the bone and insecurity, not to mention hardship, are endemic features of daily life. A Tory victory is a horrific prospect.

The weaknesses in the Labour Party caused by the constant sniping by Labour MPs at Jeremy Corbyn have given Teresa May what she thinks is a golden opportunity. It may not work out like that if voters recognise the real issue. Do they want to pay, again?

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